Welcome to Hopestreet Music Emporium!
For over 30 years, I've been collecting, restoring, buying, selling, and trading vintage instruments, and have had the privilege of having stewardship of some of the finest music instruments made. All variety of instruments can be found here, and the stock is constantly changing. My shop is small (and cramped!), I take my time to bring instruments back to good playing condition. Listed in these pages are a sampling of instruments that are available for sale. Many (most) of them have not yet been fully restored to playing condition -- the backlog of instruments awaiting restoration will take years to catch up on.

Having that backlog, and being of practical mind, these instruments are offered on the premise many buyers would be happy to have their own repairman do restoration work. I play a variety of instruments, as well, and work hard to ensure the descriptions are accurate and the prices are fair, so you can purchase with confidence.

I'll also occasionally have easy and hard-to find parts that are frankly a little too much trouble to maintain in a detailed list... if you don't see what you're looking for, inquire via E-mail. I'm happy to stir around the shop and see if I have what you need. For example, to repair various tube amps, I've accumulated several thousand vacuum tubes. They're somewhat organized, but not catalogued. Most are unused old stock, and I can test them prior to purchase.

Finally, if you'd like pics of any of these treasures, drop me a note -- I'm happy to provide photos.

Thanks for looking!

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