Two of the most beautiful acoustic guitars in our collection right now are a pair of Martin conversions. This conversion process is usually done by the Martin factory in cases where an older vintage guitar Nashville has salvageable Brazilian rosewood back and sides, but the top and/or neck are damaged beyond repair.

We're rolling back the prices on select Martin Guitars, and that means big savings for you! Learn more about the sale, catch a performance by the Matchsellers, and learn how you can win a limited edition Martin D Jr.

We’ve got a nice trio of instruments lined up for this week’s Recent Arrivals video. First up, Steve Olson checks out a handsome 1939 Gibson EH-100 lap steel guitar with matching amplifier.

We have a couple great workshops coming up this month, hosted by guitarist/composer Hiroya Tsukamoto and dynamic ukulele duo Craig Chee & Sarah Maisel.

Intro to Composing for Guitar: A Workshop with Hiroya Tsukamoto

Check out a world class banjo summit and learn how to win a limited edition Martin vintage guitar Nashville in this edition of the Weekly Rewind.

Served Hot, On a Banjo!

Steve Olson brings you a trio of uncommon guitars in this week’s Recent Arrivals video. First up, we take a look at a beautiful 1941 Gibson EH-150 lap steel and amp set in excellent condition.

What do you get when you mix a Telecaster and a Jazzmaster? We’ll find out in this week’s Recent Arrivals video. But before we get there, we’ll check out a pair of very cool guitars.

When John Mayer and PRS revealed the new Silver Sky John Mayer signature electric guitar, it generated a lot of online discussion. The guitar, as you can see below, looks a lot like an iconic model from another major vintage guitar Nashville maker.

Double the necks, double the fun! Steve Olson kicks things off this week with a crazy cool double neck guitar/bass assembled by Tom's Guitar Repair of Indiana. Next up, he tries out an attractive 1962 Martin 018T tenor guitar.

We recently turned 45, and Martin vintage guitars Nashville is helping us celebrate! Designed in collaboration with the legendary vintage guitar Nashville maker, this limited edition D Jr.