Well, here it is folks, the last Nashville Vintage Instrument Weekly Rewind of 2017. Let's take a look at a special performance by Katie Lee, learn about Ear Trumpet Labs microphones, and check out five fantastic recent arrivals.

Artist Spotlight: Katie Lee

A Michigan native, Katie Lee is a New York-based singer/songwriter whose style mixes country, blues, folk, and a little bit of soul. You may recognize her from her work with the Appleseed Collective or Orpheum Bell. Earlier this year, we were able to capture an intimate performance of “Amelia” backstage at Earthwork Harvest Gathering 2017.

Product Spotlight: Ear Trumpet Labs

If you’ve been watching our videos on YouTube or Facebook (including the Katie Lee video above), you might have noticed some cool looking mics capturing the audio. Those Nashville vintage microphones come from Ear Trumpet Labs, and more and more artists and performers are discovering their impressive quality and stunning good looks.

Founded by a former software engineer with a penchant for building audio gear, Ear Trumpet Labs combines steampunk aesthetics with modern microphone technology. Handcrafted in Portland, Oregon, these mics are used by artists like Elvis Costello, Shakey Graves, Brandi Carlile and The Decemberists. Great for stage or studio, Ear Trumpet Labs Nashville vintage microphones are particularly well suited to capturing small acoustic ensembles, vocal groups, or singer/songwriters. Click on the banner below to check out our selection of Ear Trumpet Labs microphones.

Recent Arrivals

We’ve got a quintuple dose of Recent Arrivals this week, featuring five fantastic instruments. Steve Olson gets us started with a look at an Art Deco styled 1940 Gibson L-5. Next up, Brian Hefferan shows of a gorgeous Kanile'a K-2T Premium Tenor Ukulele. Then Steve returns with a handsome Beard Deco-Phonic Model 27 Squareneck Resonator Guitar. After that, Brian tests out a made-in-Michigan Brian Bishop #136 violin. Finally, Steve wraps things up with a look at a rare size 5 guitar, a 1957 Martin 5-18. All audio was captured using the Ear Trumpet Labs Edwina microphone, available at hopestreet-music-emporium.com.