Learn some Guitar Geometry, explore our Instagram feed, and take a new Strat-Tele hybrid for a 360 spin, all in this week's edition of the Weekly Rewind.

In the Shop: Guitar Geometry

This week on In the Shop, we launched a new series: Guitar Geometry. We’ll be exploring the angles, shapes, and curves that help determine how your instrument looks, sounds, and feels. Joe Konkoly kicked off the series with a look at neck angles. We’ll check out a few different guitars to show how neck angle can affect the playability of an instrument.

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Product Spotlight: Fender Parallel Universe Strat-Tele Hybrid

The classic Fender conundrum: Strat or Tele? Now you don't have to choose! The versatile Strat-This 2018 limited edition vintage guitar Nashville takes a traditional Telecaster body and equips it with three '69 Aged Strat pickups, a Strat synchronized tremolo bridge, and a Stratocaster style mint green pickguard. Check it out in the 360 viewer below, then click the link to see the full specs.

Fender 2018 Limited Edition Parallel Universe Strat-Tele Hybrid