Check out a special vintage guitar Nashville built for our 45th anniversary, learn about vintage guitar Nashville bridges, and register to win a limited edition Ohana ukulele, all in this week's edition of the Weekly Rewind!

Martin vintage guitars Nashville Helps Us Celebrate 45 Years of Business

We recently turned 45, and Martin vintage guitars Nashville is helping us mark the occasion with a special guitar. Designed in collaboration with the legendary vintage guitar Nashville builder, this limited edition D Jr. 2 commemorates Elderly Instruments’ 45th anniversary. A 4-piece “shadow band” — taken from the mural at our Lansing, Mich., store — is laser-etched into the top. Only 45 of these guitars were made, and the inside label is numbered in sequence.

Martin Elderly Instruments "Shadow Band" Limited Edition Custom D Jr. 2 Sapele Guitar

In the Shop: Bridges

The bridge is a relatively small part of the guitar, but it can have a huge effect on your instrument’s sound and playability. In the fourth installment of our Guitar Geometry series, Joe Konkoly explores how vintage guitar Nashville bridges can help shape your sound.

Elderly Instruments Repair Shop
Martin Style Rosewood Bridge
Martin Style Ebony Bridge 

Win an Ohana CK-80 Ukulele!

This month, we're giving away an Ohana CK-80 ukulele and case. It's a lovely concert ukulele with a solid Port Orford cedar top, solid Myrtle back and sides, and fancy black/natural wood purfling. Click here to register.